When your mom is a writer!
2017 Sucks. Let's move on, shall we?

Passion 101

It's hard to keep the passion for life when there is so much bad news -- so many people suffering. Life isn't fair and as an author AND a Christian, this disturbs me. Life should be fair. Good people should win over evil. Sociopaths should be put down before they hurt others. But that's not how the fallen world works and it makes it tough. As a sensitive person who can't even watch the news, I get truly affected by the world's ways. So I do what I do best: I go in my imaginary world where I can make people laugh.

I'm working on a book about five sisters right now. "The Wentworth Heiresses" -- No publisher seems to want it. And that's okay because I want to write it. And it's a brave new world. (Oh my gosh, love that book!!) This book is where my passion is at the moment. And while it would be so much better if my passion were say, AMISH or Romantic Suspense, it's not. I can never do things the easy way. Ask my mom. I can just hear her saying, "Just write what the publisher wants!"

Um, no.

I think as a writer, you have to follow your passion. The books will be better that way. Sometimes, you have to listen to that inner voice and ignore the chatter.

Speaking of passion though. Check out this picture I took of Adam Ant from the fourth row. I saw the BLUE Of his eyes, people! I waited 35 years for these seats. And he was fantastic. He sang most all of my favorites. He sang his passion for his passionate fans. Sure, most people know "Goody Two Shoes" or "Stand and Deliver" but he sang "Car Trouble" and "Puss & Boots" for the zealous fans. That isn't a bad deal. The guy turns 63 this year and he's still doing what he's passionate about. That's about all we can ask for when it comes to work.