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Reason #9,873 I love my BFF:

The thing about best friends is that you don't have to explain yourself. They just GET you. Today, my best friend called me and said, "Oh my God! Kevin Spacey!"

He's our favorite. We had to talk about the allegations. No intro necessary. No need to say, "BUT WE LOOOVE HIM!" We actually saw him play Richard III in San Francisco. I mean we love his acting. But now come these allegations that he's a child predator and may have come on to a fourteen-year old kid. Instantly, his Netflix show was canceled. I can't watch that one anyway. It's too ugly. I hate knowing that humans like his "House of Cards" character share the same planet as me. I'm still going to ask God why we actually need sociopaths and psychos on this earth, but there you go.

Okay, back to Kevin. First off, I had NO clue he was gay. And I pride myself on having excellent gaydar. Here's the thing. I thought he was emotionally unavailable -- to both males and females -- so that's why I thought he was alone. But now he's gay. Granted, it still doesn't cover up the fact that he may have come onto a fourteen year old, and it's especially creepy after seeing him in "American Beauty." No?


So now, his brother has come out and said that their father was a Nazi and sexually abused them. Ew. Totally want a shower after reading that. But I do find it interesting what kind of psychopathy allows you to believe you're a pedophile, but genetically superior to a Jew. Seriously, that's some kind of sickness right there.


I will say that it's not really fair that they canceled a show without a trial or anything. Hollywood is scared of its secrets spilling out, I guess.

My BFF and I also discussed "The Menendez Brothers" and the new Scott Peterson show. Both of which I refuse to watch because I hate psychos being given a voice when their victims aren't here to speak for themselves. We also discussed my book, editing issues, her job and our evenings before capping our call at 6 minutes. See, best friends are efficient. No niceties necessary.

What's your favorite thing about your BFF?