2017 Sucks. Let's move on, shall we?
Andy Cohen is replacing Kathy Griffin on New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper. Meh.

The Theory of Happily Ever After -- June 2018

I can finally show my new cover for "The Theory of Happily Ever After." After a four year hiatus, this book will be out in the Summer of 2018.


Maggie Maguire wrote the book on happiness, so why is she the most miserable person on the planet?

DR. MAGGIE MAGUIRE is a leading expert on the science of happiness, but when her fiancé drops her for an “aerial trapeze artist” half his age, her career along with her buoyant spirit, sinks like a stone. Instead of relying on her litany of blissful statistics, she wallows in ice cream and Hallmark movies until her best friends kidnap her to speak on a “New Year, New You” cruise. Maggie’s theories are put to the test when she meets two men who make her wonder if happily-ever-after might be a part of her journey after all.