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#90DayFiance Creator & how much do we miss because networks/publishers just don't get it? #Passion

This morning on my walk, I heard the creator of "90 Day Fiance" on a podcast with Kate Casey. Okay, first off Matt Sharp, thank you for being the genius that came up with "90 Day Fiance" and all its offshoots. It is the gift that keeps on giving on television. Listening to him speak about how difficult it was to find a network to invest in the show, I found myself getting really angry. It's so hard sometimes to get the powers that be invested in your idea. But I'll tell you what, I'll take a passionate producer/writer and their project over a "brilliant" idea any day of the week.


How many wonderful ideas are sold on television or to book publishers and nothing happens. Because publishers and networks want what sells. So they always look to what IS/WAS selling and that's why we have fourteen billion movies about super heroes and very few gems. The powers that be are without creativity so they can't imagine that something different can be successful because they haven't seen it done before.



When I was trying to sell "What a Girl Wants" to the Christian market back in 2004, no one got it. No one knew what Chick Lit was and they certainly didn't see how a self-possessed lawyer into fashion would resonate with their market. Christians are sweet girls. They're not into fashion. They're kind and gentle and they would NEVER judge another person. Okay, that is a complete fairy tale. Christians are like everyone else in the world. Maybe we should be sweeter, but you're going to tell me no Christian woman ever cared if she had a new dress? A new handbag? I just needed ONE person to believe in the concept.

First, it was an older Jewish man (my agent at the time, Frank Weimann.) He said he laughed so hard that if HE could laugh at a single Christian girl's antics, he knew anyone would. Thank goodness, Ami McConnell at Thomas Nelson got on board and really championed that book. Its sales have been amazing, and I'm so grateful that ONE person believed in it, then another, then another... But again, it was because the passion I had for Christian women in singles' groups that the book resonated.

I feel strongly about this subject as I watch so much of the same thing be produced and passion fall by the wayside. Right now, I'm working on a few ideas, but one that I'll probably never find a market for (and will probably self-publish) is called "The Wentworth Heiresses" series. It's about five sisters from a broken family (one dad, three moms) who inherit billions, but must put their family back to rights. I'm passionate about the story because money doesn't fix problems. We're under this delusion in America that if we were rich, all our troubles would go away. Because I live around people with nothing but money to spend, I can tell you that just isn't true. People are probably more messed up here than in the rest of America.

Anyway, I'm thankful that someone asked Matt Sharp what he was passionate about. Passion trumps the same ol' crap every single time.