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Does Mama get her #Prada?

I'm green y' thoughts on hybrids...

This was a Thanksgiving week of firsts. I drove in a Prius. AND a Leaf. I'm actually a little stunned to admit how nice they were inside. How nice they drove. I mean, I'm still not giving up my BMW, but I sort of get it. They're nice cars -- very comfortable, smooth ride. I just don't want to plug my car in at night. I have a hard enough time remembering to charge my phone and my Apple watch.


As we were leaving Old Town Grass Valley after dinner, my son was driving and he goes, "Wow, there's a really pretty girl in the window there, but I'm afraid to get her attention because she'll see me driving a Prius."

LOL . He got smacked by the Prius owner. Still, I approve. And if I were the kind of practical person who thought a car was to get you from point A to point B, I would totally drive one.

Living in the Bay Area, EVERYONE here drives a Prius, a Leaf or a Tesla. I wouldn't do it just because I'm not a crowd person. I want to be different, but I do appreciate them saving the earth for me. My BMW has a setting that turns it off at stop signs and it drives me insane. But you go green people, I get it.