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I just can't with #TheBachelor

I really am a terrible pick of Bachelors because I loved Arie before this season started. Now, I see that whenever he is flummoxed, he crams his tongue down someone's throat and we're supposed to buy that he's romantic. Ugh. It is not working for me and after watching "The Olympics" and "Victoria" I just can't summon the courage to sit through the Bachelor in Italy. With such epic quotes as, "It's so Italian." Ya think?


Last night, I turned it off when Jacqueline was sobbing in the previews. Seriously? Girl, you are in Italy. Get OUTSIDE. Go have a cannoli. Eat pasta. Tour history. See some art. Do not sit and pine over a guy who has all the personality of moldy bread. Listen, I'm sure Arie is a nice guy, but that doesn't make him marriage material. So if you're wondering where my recaps went, I can't really make it through an episode.

I did watch "Victoria" last night, which was SOOO good. It could have been called, "What happens in the Highlands, stays in the Highlands."

While finding a picture, I know Lord M is now dead in Season 2. But you know, Rufus lives...