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My thoughts on #SouthernCharmNOLA

I tend to Tweet WAY too often and perhaps obsess over "Southern Charm." I'm like Trump when this show comes on -- I cannot stay away from the Twitter!

So while I tried to stomach "Southern Charm Savannah" that was not happening for me. I had no connection to the cast whatsoever. So I was excited to hear about "Southern Charm New Orleans." I love New Orleans, the food, the art, the houses -- it's just a beautiful city. The houses in this show are AMAZING. One has this suspended staircase that is to-die-for gorgeous. It also has a creepy carving of the Madame that ran a brothel there in another era, but that's beside the point.


I liked "Southern Charm Nola" -- I thought the cast of characters was interesting and definitely more diversified, which is nice. And normal. However, after watching last night, I'm really upset about the lack of care toward the marriages on the show.

The lawyer with the voice is moving to a pied-à-terre and leaving her husband across Lake Pontchartrain. Girl, no. If you have a husband who looks like him, the last thing you want to take is "space." That's just stupid. Build your career, but take your man with you or blame yourself when he leaves.

Then, we have Barry and Tamika -- she talks way too much about personal information and I hope she's kidding when she does. Because Barry does not seem to be treated well.

Then, you have artist Jon who thinks it's okay to invite all his married friends over with single women and naked models. Dude, all that will do is shut down your friendships. No wife wants their man hanging with someone who is trying to sabotage their marriage.

On a happy note, everyone on the show is drop-dead gorgeous and the lifestyle is not hard to covet. That's always good for a reality show. But ladies, really, show some appreciation for your southern gentlemen.