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#SouthernCharm is getting painful to watch...

Southern Charm used to be my favorite show, but it's like watching a "Mad Men" parody. The men on this show are useless. We see none of them work (except maybe Whitney who disappears from the show and makes random appearances when his producer duties kick in and he needs to make an effort.)

T-Rav is disgusting. He really makes me sick to my stomach with his lecherous behavior. I can't imagine what poor Ashley's mother and father feel watching this show. The way Thomas looks at Kathryn is like a cartoon character salivating over an imaginary meal. It just comes off as predatory. Honestly, when he was flirting with Kathryn and ignoring his supposed girlfriend, it was like he was having an out-of-body experience and didn't even know where he was. These poor young girls. I'm so glad Kathryn is waking up, but how he ever got full custody of those kids with his history, I will never understand. I used to enjoy hating on Thomas, but there's a sinister feeling to him this season that does NOT feel enjoyable whatsoever.


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What's worse? Shep and Austen sound like 13-year old boys in men's bodies. Please tell me that "Southern Charm" does not represent Charleston because I can't believe this is the best they have to offer.

My girl Naomie apologized. I knew she would. She had a moment -- but I'm still behind her on standing up to JD. Peyton didn't deserve the great "unleashing" but I appreciated that Peyton understood it had nothing to do with her. I love Craig too, but he's got some abusive tendencies too in his words. We have to keep in mind, we're only seeing a small fraction of who these people are. I don't know if Craig and Naomie are just toxic together or if both of them have that latent demon waiting to come out.


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I'm hoping it's the former because I love Naomie. I want her to find love. I want Craig to get his act together. I love him too, but I think he might be in need of some Adderall. And Craig, honey, I say that as a fellow ADDer. #NoJudgment

Anyway, I watched this week's episode fast. I had to fast-forward through T-Rav and Ashley making out at the table across from Kathryn. Who the heck does that? Such uncivilized behavior and I know it must be even worse in the South. Truly gag-worthy. And again, is there ANY sentence that comes out of Thomas's mouth that doesn't have a sexual connotation? Dude, get it together. You're getting old. We get it. You think you've still got it. But seriously, gross. Mid-fifties and making out at a table full of people? Okay then.

I love Chelsea, but if she sees a future with Shep or Austen, she nees to rethink life. If those two marry, it will be a long time from now, and I guarantee with someone at least 10 years their junior. Sorry I'm so surly, but I feel like my favorite show got taken over by the anti #MeToo movement. Blech!