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RIP #KateSpade -- Icon, Patron Saint of Girly Girls Everywhere...

I'm crushed to hear of the passing of legendary designer Kate Spade. From my first iconic cherry Sam bag to this latest desire, I love everything she designs. I just ordered a new phone case that couldn't be more me. A city girl walking her dog with telltale sparkle. (Swarovski crystals.) Never has a designer understood me like Kate Spade and I am just so gutted to hear of her tragic suicide. Her poor family left behind...

Depression takes another soul. Insidious bastard. People can look so happy on the outside. They can design cute happy clothes that make us happy to be alive, but the liar that is depression tells them something different inside. Yes, Kate Spade's death will leave a huge hole, but it's like that for any soul who suffers from depression and thinks the world is better off without them. It isn't.

While I'm surprised, I'm not. So many comedians who make our lives so much happier suffer from dark nights of the soul. It isn't easy to overcome and my heart goes out to Kate's family. She will be deeply missed. She made the world a brighter, more sparkly place and what could be better than that? A true legacy that changed store shelves forever.