Viva Italia!
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Do you unplug on vacation?

Full disclosure: I'm a wee bit addicted to technology. I rarely go anywhere without my phone. I listen to podcasts when I hike, I listen to music at the gym, I wear an Apple watch that gives me notifications if my kids need get the idea. I'm too connected.

But when I was in Italy, I only used my phone for pictures and to keep in contact with my daughter (who was in Hawaii at the time.) I'd paid all the bills before I left, except for one that I left for my mom to mail and another I paid by phone while there. It was absolute FREEDOM and I loved being disconnected. I realized that no one really cares where I am 24/7 anyway, so why be addicted?

I still don't like being out of touch. Camping, being in the middle of nowhere and road trips, will never be my vacation of choice. But I used to hate to be on a cruise because I felt so trapped. I didn't have connection with the outside world (and with the news today, who wants that connection?)

I put my latest heroine on a cruise so her connection to the outside world (and an ex getting married) would be jeopardized. Cruise connections are notoriously sketchy. But after having my own dream vacation unplugged, I realized that I did my heroine a favor.


Have you ever taken a vacation where you were completely unplugged? Did you find that it made a difference in your joy level?