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Colin Firth is a hero again...

Colin Firth is making financing available to Rupert Everett in his new film on Oscar Wilde. Okay, here's one author who was never boring. He brought us a glimpse into narcissistic personality disorder before it was probably called that. (The Picture of Dorian Gray) His life is worthy of a movie and I'll be first in line, so thank you, Rupert. The movie is called, "The Happy Prince."

Thank you, Colin. Not everyone wants to see some fake superhero save the world from impending doom. Unless it could actually work and politics would go away.

What this world needs are more costume dramas. I'm so tired of politics. It's so ugly out there!! Rupert is perfect to play Oscar. He was so good in "An Ideal Husband" and "The Importance of Being Earnest" and I feel like he understands Oscar.

There's a new period drama with Keira Knightley coming out called "Collette" and I will see it, despite Keira -- who is forever on my crap list for playing a giggly Elizabeth Bennet. But it's about literature and it's got beautiful costumes, so I'll be there.