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#BohemianRhapsody Again

It's no secret that I love music -- the 80's are my jam so naturally, I was excited to see "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I went to a prescreening on Halloween night. Loved it! I know it was a sanitized version of Freddie Mercury's life, but could we really handle the hard truths of such a legacy? Probably not. The truth is, he was a genius and like all geniuses, slightly off-kilter. Ego takes hold and the inevitable downward slide takes place. The great thing about Freddie Mercury's story is that even though it ends tragically, it doesn't. Freddie gets what he's done wrong, and I do hope that part of the story is true. I believe it is since he left his ashes and money to his wife.


I was so excited to hear my son's friends had all seen the movie on opening weekend. It made me feel like a winner as a parent somehow. ; ) I'd done my duty. I had introduced classic rock to my children and they got it. A total success story for me. I wanted to know how they enjoyed it, not having lived through it -- and they loved the movie. They were interested in the story and the tale behind one of rock's greatest anthems. They also informed me Mike Myers was in the movie (I missed that.)

Anyway, it's a great movie and the soundtrack is amazing. I'm including a picture of Freddie Mercury's stretchy pants that I took at the Hard Rock in Florida. Why I wanted a picture of Freddie Mercury's stretchy pants is questionable, yet here it is. Greatness on display.

Go see the movie. It's Queen for crying out loud. I'm going again this weekend with my friend. IMAX this time.