Vegas, Baby!
No One is Without Sin: #JamesCharles Drama

#Bachelorette starts tonight!

At first, I was not excited about Hannah B as the Bachelorette, but I have since changed my mind. I think she has an amazing sense of humor and I think she's a lover of truth so she will hold these men's feet to the fire. We need a spitfire Bachelorette!

I don't know about your house, but the Bachelor series has always brought my family together. We love to spill the tea on the contestants and enjoy the different personalities. But admittedly, my daughter and I have a game where if someone walks in front of us in the car, we create their backstories. You know, some guy will pull up next to us in a Tesla and flirt with my daughter and she'll turn to me and say, "He went to Cal. He cheats on his wife, but she knows and doesn't care. He buys her jewelry and she's just glad he doesn't come home often."

Okay, I know, it's a terrible game and it's usually not that mean, but I want my daughter to write and I'm encouraging her to create characters. She is so talented and just won't do it! She finds books are the enemy.


Back to the "Bachelorette." I love the charming outfit combining the pantsuit for Hannah's feminist side along with the Cinderella imagery for us romantics. Hannah has a crazy sense of humor and very little sense of editing herself, so I think she's going to be great bachelorette.

Before you get all judgey about us watching -- and I know you're out there -- once upon a time we had "All My Children" and Nina and Cliff. Or "General Hospital" with Luke and Laura. Now we have reality television and it's so much more fun! It's like we are all Mrs. Kravitz. (Nosey neighbor on "Bewitched" for you youngins.)

And let us not forget, my favorite show, "Southern Charm" starts up this week SANS T-Rav and that makes me so happy. With the #MeToo movement, he never should have been on television.


Craig has a new girlfriend. Kathryn has 50/50 custody with her creepy baby daddy (and for those of you who don't know, he's been accused of rape twice and has yet to stand trial. And he did years in prison for cocaine crimes as state treasurer of South Carolina, so feel sorry for this poor young woman who fell victim to his "charms."