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No One is Without Sin: #JamesCharles Drama

I'll admit, I only know who James Charles is because of my daughter. Tati, I've never heard of until this drama unfolded. Listen, I don't care what this fight is over, but I full-on do NOT support destroying someone because you're in some kind of fight with them. People make mistakes. No one deserves to have their livelihood destroyed over something so petty.

It's not like he is Harvey Weinstein. James Charles apparently promoted a vitamin brand that wasn't Tati's -- his online friend. In reply, she posts a 43-minute video taking him down for everything from disloyalty to sexual misconduct.

Anyone who unfollowed James Charles because of what someone ELSE had to say is part of the problem. That is straight-up bullying. What do YOU think of James Charles? Why would you let some random person in her person Waterloo speak to you about who to follow?


This is straight-up bullying and I'm tired of it. No one deserves to be "erased" because they made a mistake. I mean, do you want to be destroyed over one regretful moment? We all have them. I heard on the radio that this woman said James Charles tries to pick up on straight men and makes them question their sexuality.

Really? I mean, if a lesbian were to pick up on me, do I question my sexuality? No, I say, that's cool and move on...back to Mr. Darcy.

Anyway, because of the way he's been treated, I went and followed James Charles. I think it's despicable to take a private battle and try to destroy someone. It just feels evil. I don't know anything about this woman, but I think what she did is abhorrent.

Also, James Charles is 19 years old. He's a baby. This is when you're supposed to make your mistakes. Tati is a 37-year old woman. What kind of woman destroys a 19-year-old kid and thinks it's okay?