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#SouthernCharm & Life's Lack of It...

I got to watch "Southern Charm" in real time last night. Great start to the season. Loved the opening with T-Rav's court details of his salacious accusations. Listen, I saw the abuse and grooming of Kathryn in the first season, but I still held out hope that love to win out. Yeah, that was the naive romance writer in me. I forgot how vile Ashley's behavior was. She was verbally abusive to Kathryn and did T-Rav's dirty work. It was hard to stomach watching it back. I see how Kathryn survived by going numb. She had to. She probably still has to so she can continue to co-parent with her ex. It can't be easy to do as a recovering addict. I'm glad she's got Patricia on her side now to even things out a bit.

I was going to write this in the morning, but we had a bathtub leak -- which is an urgent thing in our household, so I've been out of the house all day. The one day I had to write this week. Someone does not want me to sit at my computer for sure!


I don't know what was more upsetting, Austin involved in a threesome or his dad bod in his skivvies. That cannot be unseen. Ick. Just wanted a shower after the whole fiasco and if that girl is dumb enough to date him after witnessing that, she's a lost soul. I don't have much hope for her -- Madison was it?

Something about me just doesn't like Shep anymore and I feel bad about this. But he really has few redeeming qualities. It's not cute at his age to be that frat boy who hangs out in bars and picks up different women. Ladies, raise your standards!

Whitney and Kathryn. Seems scripted. I'm not buying it. Also, she has a boyfriend. I hope she ends up happily ever after after the hell she's been through. What a nightmare to go up against a good ol' boy with money in Charleston courts.

Craig and Naomie. Okay everyone is saying Craig isn't over Naomie, and I believe that. But I don't think Naomie is over Craig either. And her boyfriend pushing her at the gym really didn't sit well with me. She says she's so happy, but I don't buy it. I think she was happy making Craig miserable to be honest.

The presence of Eliza was scripted and pathetic. Give poor Kathryn a break. How that Thomas character gets so many flying monkeys to do his dirty work, I will never understand. It looks like it's going to be a great season though and I'm looking forward to it.

I finally watched "The Bachelorette" this morning with Elle. We've both been working opposite hours so we couldn't sit down. I think the producers hate Hannah B. It's the only explanation for that flatline group of guys. I don't understand how Matt Donald is a farmer if he lives in Los Gatos? It looked like a cold farm where he was. Anyway, I was sad to see him go so early. The only other guys I remember are Jed and Tyler. The rest of them all ran together.

I still think it's going to be a good season though because Hannah B is a train wreck in the best way possible. Love her! When Jed took out his guitar, he was my front runner.