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Vegas, Baby!

So I'm thinking of moving to Henderson, NV. Here are my reasons. It's affordable. It's near a major airport and I can see concerts. Because I love concerts. So I'm planning a trip there with my future daughter-in-law and she asked if I wanted to see a show. I said, "YES!" And then, she asked what I wanted to see.

Okay, I'm too nervous to watch Cirque du Soleil. So I can't do that because I won't enjoy it. I want to see Barry. Yes, I've seen him a million times, but he's BARRY! I don't know if I can do that to my DIL. She just learned who Adam Ant is, is it really fair to expose her to Barry so early on in the relationship?


The thing is, she's such a sweetheart, she would go. Yesterday, I was on my way to see her (she gave me a fantastic facial for Mother's Day!) and I heard this woman on the 80's radio. She was calling from Henderson, NV and was going to see the Violent Femmes that night. I mean, that's my future! It was a sign.

Actually, it looks like Fremont Street has a lot of concerts that are right up my alley, so I will have a fun life there I think. Plus, I will be one hour by plane from any of my kids and they can descend on me when they need to. Doesn't that sound awesome? Not awesome is the heat, but since I rarely go outside, I think we're cool there too. Everything is air-conditioned.

Getting excited to check it out and see if it's for me. I've never been to Vegas outside of the airport, so it should be interesting.