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Working out with MS: Pilates

Okay, I'm not a fan of exercise to begin with -- so let's start there. I like to hike, I used to like to run (when I could) but my dropfoot has taken hold and I can't run any longer. So I've had to seek alternative workouts.

Let's look at my neurotic excuses, shall we?

*I hate gyms because I'm an introvert and it's too much noise and people. (Ick.)
Not to mention I'm a bit of a germaphobe -- so there's that. End of gym.

*Yoga died a sad death for me because my balance is so bad (vertigo) and that would be fine in a roomy studio, but in Silicon Valley, that doesn't happen, so I feel crunched and like I'm going to fall into someone. End of yoga.


Enter Pilates: I thought Pilates was something I could do because you get your own little station, so if you fall, you fall into machinery, not some innocent bystander. I found a free class on Instagram and I took it. I made it through the whole class and it was zen and kicked my butt. Okay, maybe we have something here, I thought. So I signed up for four classes a month. I may take more as I get stronger, but for now, that is more than enough, I still hurt from class. So it's keeping my muscles strong without getting heated (another important factor in MS workouts because if you get hot, your multiple sclerosis acts up and then you have more symptoms.)

It's really tough on your core, which is exactly what I need and it's scheduled so I have to go or I pay for nothing. And I'm cheap that way. When I pay for something I don't want to do, I can't afford to miss it.

So for now, I think Pilates is really going to work for me. It's not cheap, but if it keeps me strong and upright, that is worth every penny. Plus, I'm vain, so I need to stay in shape because I don't want to wear ugly clothes.

I'm writing today. This post is my warm-up. I already did some editing and now I write...