It's MY Turn! Living the Writer Life...
Southern Charm without T-Rav...

Art for the sake of the artist...

The California rolling hills are in their glory. The incredible golden grass dotted with the lush, dark oaks. Mmm. Perfection. It's my happy place and it's the season. It makes me want to paint again just for the sake of painting. Ie., art doesn't have to have a point. It can just be there to make the artist feel better. I admit, I have a hard time not being productive, so sitting down to paint feels unproductive. Especially since I can lose hours in the process. But it's also healing and that has value, true?


I lose time when I write and when I paint. So it seems wasteful. But as I get older I'm seeing that maybe it isn't as wasteful as I once thought. Maybe it's there to help me be present. Do you have a hobby where you lose time? How much time do you allow yourself for that hobby?


Now that Elle took all my art off the walls, maybe it's time to paint again and fill them up. I have my walls back!

I'm also back to writing so I will look at that as "work" and painting as the hobby. Even though both of them make me happy and my fullest self.