Toy Story 4 Week!!
Raised my sons right -- best analogy ever!

I NEED a new handbag!

Some people LIKE to buy new handbags but I have something more serious going on. It's an addiction -- and let's be clear, I have no desire to go to Handbags Anonymous or fix this addiction, I just want to a new handbag!


This has been a lifelong thing. My first memory of money is my grandpa bringing me a Navajo suede purse that had feathers dangling off of it. He put a few coins in there and that's my first memory. In college, my rent was $200 and so was my handbag.

I should also mention since I'm a writer and work from home, I tend to dress like a bag lady. No pun intended. T-shirt, jeans, Keds. Hasn't changed since high school. (Works for me, what can I say?) So it's not a fashion statement for me. It just simply brings me joy and it always has.

Every once in a while I get the itch and it's happening now. I'm trying to write today and not think about it, but I've been avoiding this reality for months now. I had to throw my daughter a party. Cha-Ching. I had to buy a new pull-out sofa for my son, cha-ching. I got a new computer because mine finally gave way. Cha-Ching, cha-ching. In other words, I'm not getting a new handbag so I needed to vent. Lucky you!

Maybe I should start a go-fund-me account. LOL. My mother already thinks I need a "real" job, can you imagine if I started begging for a new handbag? I think she's had hers for going on a decade now and I bought it. Being an artist born to a family of practicality is excruciatingly difficult. I know how I SHOULD be. But yeah, I'm not.

I did get a little coin for writing a short story yesterday for a friend who is compiling them. That was nice. But it won't buy me a new handbag. If I was a normal it would, which is only a painful reminder that I am not a normal. WWWHHHYYY???

I'm consoling myself with an iced soy latte. What's your poison that you can't justify to others?