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It's MY Turn! Living the Writer Life...

The other day I was in the movies. I saw "Rocketman" -- now I'm not a big Elton fan anyway, but the movie was just okay. I think since my life would be rated "PG" I tend to struggle with some biographies that take me to places I'd rather not be. "Rocketman" was one of those movies. But I digress. While in there, I saw a preview of "Downton Abbey" the movie and I'm uber excited about that one, but I also saw the new ad for "The Art of Racing in the Rain."


Now the last time I spoke as a writer, I was on a panel between the author of that book (Garth Stein) and Van Jones. Just the three of us. We were speaking on faith in our writing. I mean, how cool is that, right? But Garth is now having a big movie made of his bestseller and Van Jones -- well, Van Jones is busy saving the world. And me? I'm sending my last kid off and feeling like a complete loser. And that's not because they are skyrocketing in their careers and I'm not. It's because I'm not doing what I was placed on the earth to do. I've been doing a job -- that I'm grateful for -- but that also isn't me AT ALL.

We all have to get by. God doesn't owe me anything and I'm so happy for the career I've had while raising four kids. I'm a firm believer in the fact that we're all where we belong and we have to look for the lesson in where we are. However, a few weeks ago, a screenwriter contacted me and wanted me to turn her screenplay into a novel. Okay, she's my kind of people. She's producing reality TV for Bravo and she may or may not have let a curse word slip out while we talked. We've been collaborating on her idea and how to turn it into a novel. (It has lots of time jumps and Old Testament action.) Yesterday, when we talked and I was able to give her feedback on what we needed from the characters and the chapters, I just came to life. This is SOOO easy for me. It's like not working at all.

I may have a tiny rant that it's not fair most men just get to do their jobs. But women have to do their jobs and raise children. I know that's changing and I wouldn't want any career over getting to see my kids follow their dreams, but I'm so happy that it's my turn again. In celebration -- and because my desktop is dying -- I'm getting a new iMac.


Luckily, the 21-inch model is cheaper -- and I'm too ADD for the 27-inch model. I actually had one and gave it to my kids and went back to the smaller one. In the meantime, one son in southeast Asia riding an elephant, one was in Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge and my daughter is currently at the Grand Canyon. My son who is managing the pool this summer is home with me and just took over my desk with a giant gaming monitor. Do you see my point? They're living the dream. It is SO my turn and mama wants to write! That's my long-winded update to say I finally have time to do what it is I was meant to do and I'm so happy about it!




I clearly taught my kids to live the good life -- now it's time to take my own advice!