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A Picture Spurs a Thousand Memories...

My @JimmyBuffett tale of woe -- Oorah!

First off, you should know I tend to get fixated on certain things and not let them go. My son NOT meeting Jimmy Buffett is one of those things I cannot release "into the universe" as they say. My son, also has the ability to "not let things go" and he is not helping in this situation.

A few years ago when my son ws stationed in Okinawa, Jimmy Buffett performed a concert there for the military bases. You should know, not much happens on Oki and it can be a long, boring stint in the military -- away from friends, family and normal "American" life. So who goes ALL the way to Oki to let our servicemen know he's there for them? The fabulous Jimmy Buffett, of course.

My son couldn't go to the concert. He was always working, but Jimmy, being Jimmy, came to the hangar afterwards to meet the guys (& gals) working. My son had just come home after a 14-hour day when he informed me via text message that Jimmy Buffett was in his hangar. I was text SCREAMING -- GET BACK THERE!! You need to meet him. He is legend. Do you understand me? Legend!!

"Mom, I'm bone tired. I cannot put my boots on."

"No, you have to!"

He sends me a picture of the football field-sized walk to the hangar from his barracks.

"You can do it, Jonah! I believe in you!"

Long story short. He didn't do it. And he continues to taunt me with it, every chance he gets. When he went to Vegas with his fiancé's family, they were sitting out by the pool and "Margaritaville" came over the sound system. He sends me a Snapchat with it playing in the background. "Wow, wouldn't it be cool to meet the guy who sings this? I would love to meet the guy who sings this song."


Then, there's a huge "Margaritaville" restaurant there, I get a picture of it. Then, I give him my normal spiel about how "No song has ever made more money than that one. You could have met him." And it starts all over again.

Now it's summer. Jimmy Buffett radio on Sirius is a staple in my car. But I cannot enjoy it the same way. Because my son was too lazy to put his boots back on and march across that field. He failed to understand the momentous flaw in his short-term thinking. Yeah, it was a 14-hour day on his feet, but he's in his early 20's! Come on! So rather than listen to his Mama, he sends me a picture of his coworker who met Jimmy and got him to make the "terminal lance" sign -- which means you're going nowhere in the Marines -- you're staying a Lance Corporal. No offense to his buddy Williams, but I wanted my SON with Jimmy Buffett, you know?


So now my Jimmy Buffett radio just doesn't fill me with the same joy it once did. There is regret and angst now. : )

On a side note, I have never met my beloved Adam Ant because I worried that it wouldn't go well and then my years of loving him would be destroyed. I never had that fear with Jimmy Buffett. You know he's just a cool dude. I mean with classics like, "The Weather is Here, I Wish you were Beautiful" and "Cheeseburger in Paradise" how could he not be? This guy has generations who have no idea what a 'pop top' is, singing about it.

Maybe when Jonah gets back from deployment -- if he ever wants to get on a boat again, I'll take him and his fiancé on a Parrothead cruise. What do you think?