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A Picture Spurs a Thousand Memories...

I don't remember a lot of my childhood for some odd reason. I think I had a pretty normal upbringing, but for some reason, my memory isn't the best. My best friend in high school is selling her childhood home. Today, she sent me pics of the home staged for sale and a ton of memories just came flooding in from all the time we spent at her house. All the cheerleading practice we had in her backyard staring at ourselves in the sliding glass door (We were young, okay? A little narcissism is par for the course.)

Anyway, she sent this picture and I said, "We spent a lot of time in that mirror trying out our new looks." Our fresh electric-blue eyes liner; our purple mascara to match our cheer sweaters; our giant 80's gel hair; our greasy, glossed-up lips; our enormous shoulder pads that made us look like linebackers. The magic all happened here!

IMG_6236 copy

Then, do you see that little window in the picture? That's the window that we climbed out of to get on the roof and slather ourselves up in oil to get a tan. Well, Laurie got a sunburn, but I got a tan. And we did this a LOT (before the warnings of sunscreen, etc.) until her creepy neighbor was looking at us through binoculars! We made a beeline for the window and he came outside and held his thumb up, "Looking good, girls!"

Ick. That old pervert still grosses me out after all these years. I loved our spot on that roof overlooking the waterfall below. That was high living! And old creeper stole it from us. Now, of course, I wonder how I ever fit through that little window -- but it is pretty cool that I lived in an era where there weren't a billion rules -- and straws were still legal.

I'm sad my memory is wonky because life was pretty darn good. Do you have time in your life you don't remember well?

P.S. On the writing front, no I haven't been writing. Not a book anyway, but I am planning a big move and I hope to get started again soon. I've had some pretty cool signs it's time to start again and I'll begin posting tidbits here. If there's anyone out there, let me know. It's been a long time since I wrote!