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#MrDarcy eat you heart out, Dylan offers a library proposal!

A few months ago, I got an email from a guy named Dylan. He explained to me that I was his girlfriend's favorite author -- and I mean, is he not a keeper just knowing that? Especially when I'm not exactly a household name like Nora Roberts. But he knew. He also knew that A Billion Reasons Why was his girlfriend's favorite book, so he asked if I would inscribe a book, "Charlyn, Will you marry Dylan?" And help him propose.

I mean, I'm a romance author. Where do I sign?

So I do so, after having a copy sent from my mother's house because I have no books at home. Months go by and I don't hear anything. Dylan said he was proposing at the end of the month. So I don't want to write to him, what if she said no? Does he really need the nosey Chick Lit author twisting the knife? He does not, so I sit still.

Then, it happens! I get a beautiful handwritten note from Charlyn describing the beautiful proposal. Dylan enlisted the help of the librarian. I know, right?? Does he have a brother? A single dad maybe? As they're combing through the shelves together, Charlyn notices I have a new book out. Shame on me for not marketing The Theory of Happily Ever After well enough, but I digress and no one cares. We want to know what happens with the romance!

So when she finds the copy of "A Billion Reasons Why" she is a little incensed. There are no library markings on the book, and it doesn't belong there without the proper authority! Dylan shows her the inscription and drops to one knee to ask her to be his bride.


And this couple is SO cool, they are allowing me to show you how adorable they are. Congratulations Charlyn and Dylan, may your lifelong romance be better than anything we'd find in a novel.


EDIT: Charlyn just told me the reason Dylan didn't propose when he planned was because she took off on a surprise International trip with her sister. So she was not around to propose to. Inquiring minds and all that. You're welcome. Thanks, Charlyn!