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Say no to dark cabinets! #househunting

I've been house hunting lately and there is a terrible new trend that makes avocado-green appliances look like the height of sophistication. That is black cabinets in a kitchen. Who, in the history of humanity, wanted a DARK kitchen? And yet, new builders are adding these ugly things and their "streamlined" modern look to homes everywhere.

No one wants black cabinets. People want light, airy kitchens. Okay, at least I do. Paint them yellow, paint them blue -- the painting is not an issue, but black? I'm not in a trendy hair salon, I'm in my KITCHEN. I did have a kitchen I designed that had black granite on white cabinets and I did love that. But you cannot believe how many homes I've crossed off my list because they have dark cabinets.

I looked at one home that was decorated as if Chip & Joanna Gaines had come in and done their magic. It was fantastic! But the house had bad bones. You can't fix that. No matter how cute you make it. Oh, and it had white cabinets! With butcher block counters that looked fantastic, but would be totally impractical for me. I need a countertop that allows for some mistakes.

I mean, there must be an entire contingency of people who want black cabinets -- I don't know who you are, but I'm coming for you! Stop ruining my house hunt! I'm looking in various states. I'm not sure where I will go yet, but it will allow me to write again and not be the only right-brained person in the near vicinity.


Speaking of California, some poor store owner in San Francisco got bit by a homeless person. Not an outline-of-teeth-bite, but an entire circle of flesh taken out of this guy's arm and he'll probably be the bad guy for "harming a homeless person's freedom." I hate what San Francisco has become. One of the most beautiful cities in the world and it's destroyed by crazy. Laws exist to make society better. Capiche?

I'm a fourth-generation Californian, my children are fifth, but I'm done. I'm sorry for the states around us that are having to take the influx of Californians, but I promise to better where I go. Really. I won't bite anyone. Now my dog on the other hand...