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What's your game, #MarineMom?

About three months ago -- yes three -- I sent my son's gunnery sergeant a pack of Red Bull. Why? Because my son asked me to. Said it would be a nice gesture and the gunny was a good man. So I did as I was told and sent the package. He just received it this week. The US Mail and ships on deployment seem to have some issues. Imagine that.


Anyway, of course my son begins to get berated for being a suck-up and a brown noser. But the thing is, they want to know my game. The shop actually GOOGLES me to find out my game. Why would *I* send a complete stranger Red Bull? Okay Marines of Evil Eyes -- the reason is -- wait for it...

I. Am. A. Mom!!!!!


And when I think about any of these men/women on a ship without the niceties of life, I want to send them ALL something nice. Which often happens because when you mail something at the post office to an APO address, they ask you, "Can it go to any Marine?" Ie., if it gets lost, do you want SOMEONE to have it? Naturally, I do.

In my days as a Marine mom, I have learned that if you send sour gummy worms to the Middle East, they will melt into one giant disgusting ball of super worms and will not be appetizing. I have learned that things like peanut packs will be breakfast for weeks and most of all, I have learned that I'm so thrilled my son is with the good men and women of the U.S. Marine Corps.

When he comes home, there will be a wedding and much celebration. So no running games, just a mom trying to pass the time until this deployment ends. I feel honored they Googled me though. LOL