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Deployment Fun...

My son is deployed on a Disney Cruise. Okay, not really. That's what I call deployment -- because Marine moms get to make up crap to cope with their babies in uniforms. For me, the best way is to consider my son is cruising and seeing the world on a great big Disney cruise ship complete with Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck.

This morning, my son emailed me that his ship received care packages from random kids stateside. And how sweet that schools do this for the Marines/Navy? They are SOOO excited to get snacks and food from home. Anyway, Jonah says, "Look at some of these notes. These kids are savage."

They all had a good laugh sharing some of their encouraging notes.

"Fingers crossed you make it friend"

"My life is great and I love my family I get to be with because your life is

"I'm jenny from third grade and if you die it's going to be okay"

"Dear hero, thank you for your service, I sent some candy but don't eat too
much or you won't be able to run away fast enough"

"My teacher said I had to write something enjoy the candy"

"Dear deployed person, hope they don't make you stay deployed, good luck!"