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Hydro Hotties & Other Extrovert Moves

This week when my son was here we checked out the beautiful community center in my neighborhood. It has an incredible gym with lots of classes and clubs to join. Seth suggested I join the "Hydro Hotties" which I assume is a swimming class. To be honest, I haven't checked out all the classes/clubs yet because I'd rather read and/or get my latest book finished. But when starting a new adventure, one actually has to make some extrovert moves.

So far, everyone I've met in my neighborhood is completely sweet and wonderful. My Starbucks is very friendly. My pedicure place is warm and inviting. I am really loving it here, but joining is not my thing. The churches here are also great. I've been with my friend Colleen and her daughter a few times and the one closest to me, twice. This weekend we're going to a local writers' group. So the world is essentially my oyster. But I'm still an introvert to the extreme, so this week -- after the conference and a few more chapters, I am going to take a class or join a club.


My hikes have become a little scary as there was a mountain lion on the trail where I take my dog. Then, I heard the coyotes howling close the other night and most recently, javelinas were seen. I didn't even know what that WAS. I had to Google it. It's a brand new world out there...