So I'm probably a hoarder. #AmWriting
What's your quirk?

The Ritual of Writing

I don't know about all authors, but the stars need to align properly for me to get started in the morning. My life has been pretty chaotic over the last few years and that's been my excuse for not writing. Real writers don't make excuses, but I couldn't get the rituals in place. The juju was bad and writing just didn't happen. But now...

No more excuses.

I have a desk. I have an office. I have a book I'm working on right now (two actually.) I have Starbucks in my system. My dog is snoring beneath me. I have my critique partner nagging me for words to edit (thank you Cheryl!) My webmaster/friend updated my website because I was "outdated." Imagine! And so, this is where the rubber meets the road. It is time to produce. I. Must. Adult.

I must live up to this website! She's so fantastic if you need a website. I gave her no input and she just comes up with this greatness! Love her! And she's from Shakespeare's home so I feel like that adds to the good juju.


Honestly though, my desk is disgusting. It needs more than a Mr. Clean sponge. It needs a completely new top and probably some bleach. But I can't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. And yes, over Christmas, I watched "Gone with the Wind" -- and maybe a few Fred Astaire movies and "Casablanca." They just never get old for me. Setting the timer now, Chapter Two, here I come!