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#TheBachelor Peter & #SanditonPBS

Without my daughter and our weekly cake date, The Bachelor doesn't hold the same thrill for me, but I watch it still because we discuss it and I want to be educated. The same reason I will probably watch "The Mandalorian." My son is a huge "Guardians of the Galaxy" fan and he told me he'd use baby Groot as firewood to keep Baby Yoda warm, so I know there is some serious affection there.


Back to Peter. I wasn't a fan of Peter's. I was less a fan of Hannah Brown, but I thought the whole fantasy suite thing was gross. Too much kiss and tell. Bringing Hannah back to troll this season's contestants made me like both of them less. It's early in the season so I can't tell one contestant from the next. No one really stands out except the new Hannah -- who annoys me for some unknown reason. I generally watch with a book in my hand so I can't tell you if this season is worth watching. I can't really see Peter being the type to settle down even though he acts like his parents are what he aspires to. If he does propose, I'd predict he backs out before the wedding. Thoughts?


Onto #Sanditon, which is worth watching. This is an unfinished novel of Jane Austen's brought to life by the amazing BBC and Andrew Davies. There are lots of Austen-like qualities here, but it's much darker. The Darcy character Sydney is not likable. He takes proud to a darker, unlikable level. There's a creepy incenstuous-type of relationship in the background and certainly, more sex scenes than Austen was probably capable of thinking up. For example, the Darcy pond scene that was added to "Pride and Prejudice" has received an "upgrade" and Sydney comes out of the ocean buck naked. We are supposed to believe that our heroine Charlotte is not shocked by this to see her as a strong, contemporary woman. But on the good side...it's a costume drama. It has a lot of great lines and characters that you will recognize from earlier Austen works and it's got Kris Marshall, who always manages to bring a smile. (Sex god Colin in "Love Actually.") So I'm in.