The Ritual of Writing
ADD & Self-publishing #Finishthebook

What's your quirk?

I believe I have a few. One, I dance in grocery stores -- I mean, if you feel the music, you feel the music, am I right? My son taped me dancing in the grocery store and posted it to Snapchat with the caption, "Italian moms be like..."


My son sent me this yesterday. This is another one of my quirks. I love to argue for fun. Even when I'm completely wrong and I know it? I will be laughing and grinning, but I keep going. It makes my kids laugh, but they keep baiting me, so I go on. My dad and I are the worst at this. We're both bad. We know we're wrong, but we dig those heels in and try to add new "facts" until someone brings out Google. Then we let them know why Google is wrong on this particular subject we are professing to be experts in. Anyway, that meme makes me laugh because I would totally take the 25 cards and then play the martyr because "Google doesn't know."

Got a quirk?