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The New #Emma

Emma is my least favorite of all Jane Austen's novels. Yes, I like it less than Northanger Abbey. Emma as a character just annoys me. But I will still go see it. I hope artsy movies play here in Phoenix. Now that I'm out of Silicon Valley, I'm a little worried about my arthouse films.

The supporting cast of this movie looks fantastic. Bill Nighy. I mean, who doesn't love him? Josh O'Conner from "The Crown" and "The Durrells in Corfu." I saw the gal who plays Emma on a morning show. Found her kind of annoying, but for me, that fits the character.

Anyway, I'll be there like the slave I am to any costume drama.

#TheDutchHouse by Ann Patchett

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I bought this book because Tom Hanks reads the Audible version and I wanted to hear my beloved "Toy Story" favorite read a book. But I'm not an audible lover. I want to see the words. Slowly devour them and read them again when I love a sentence, so I needed to read it first. Tom had to wait.

It took me forever to read this book. I left my Kindle in my son's truck in San Diego. I don't think any of my kids know what a post office is -- besides a place you send mom when you need something mailed -- so I was without a Kindle for a good, long while. I found my old Kindles -- but one is a Kindle Fire and the other is an old black and white one with missing pixels. I couldn't get the book loaded on the older one so I had to do the Fire. I abhor reading on the Fire. But I was desperate.

Okay, enough of my Kindle drama. The book. Ann Patchett is an amazing writer, much like Anne Tyler. She takes the mundane of everyday occurrences and ensures that you will not be able to put it down. That being said, I can't really explain the plot. Other than to say it's the story of a boy who grows into a man and all that happens with his childhood home.

If you're looking for a suspense-filled page-turner, this isn't the book for you. But if you enjoy entering a different world that is painted so creatively by an expert, "The Dutch House" might be for you.

Currently reading: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

This is another book that sounds uninteresting, but in the hands of this author, it's a fun-filled, hilarious ride. Primarily because the writer (a therapist herself) is the most neurotic character in the book and she throws it all out there. Brutal honesty and self-reflection is the key to any bestselling biography/autobiography. The other thing that's great about this book is it has short chapters so it's easy reading, but it's also very hard to put down after those short chapters.


I'd like to talk more about Jane Austen's Sanditon, but Cox Cable's DVR doesn't actually tape, so I haven't been able to watch the last two episodes. Just when Sidney was starting to grow on me.