Emma's star: Miranda Hart
Is anyone watching #MyBrilliantFriend?

#RoomAtTheTop cover reveal coming soon! #Novel #ChickLit #WomensFiction

I have six beautiful choices for my new cover. Colleen Coble hooked me up with my old cover designer from Harper Collins Christian, so I'm pretty stoked.

As excited as one can be when confined to the house without espresso. I'm an introvert and I like being home, but I have to say, this just sucks. I hate the world being closed. It's creepy and dystopian, which only makes me want to write happy stories. My friend told me she was reading a dystopian novel and had to put it down. Ya think?

We need to keep our spirits up so we can stay strong and help those who need it. Silicon Valley is a mess with this virus so it's hard to be here and hear about what's happening there. I hate what tech did to my home, I really do. Everything became about who was the richest, who had the most elite Tesla and whose mansion had more pools, bowling alleys, etc. What a waste of life. I hope this virus shows us all that money is not what matters. Being unable to gather with family members, unable to attend church or go out to dinner with friends...that's what matters: Connection.

My daughter is here with me, and I'm grateful for her company, but we really want to go explore and we're just stuck. We did get some plants at Wal-Mart and she planted in the back before the lockdown started. What are you doing to keep busy?


As a little ray of hope, the cactus blossomed today.