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Life is easier for Christians who grew up that way...

I, however, grew up Catholic. And Catholics are different in that they swear. At least, the ones I knew, did. They were Irish and Italian. I mean, that's a lot of energy to be contained in a small human container so there it is. Today, I was watching Matt Nathanson (one of my favorites) on his live stream. And I wanted to recommend it because he loves music. Music is life. He says he loves music more than people and sadly, I can identify with that. Music makes you feel alive. Sometimes, people, not so much.

Anyway, a long time ago, I saw Matt Nathanson in a really small, intimate venue in San Francisco. (The Swedish American Hall) And my friend canceled on me at the last minute, so I took a new friend from my church. Not remembering that Matt, well Matt likes a cuss word. He's hilarious, but he does love a well-placed F-bomb. Much like my old-school Italian/Irish upbringing, Matt is not one to keep things to himself. So while I'd love to recommend Matt's live stream to the world, I must acknowledge that my upbringing has prepared me for the Matts of the world. Because a cuss word is just an exclamation point to some people. But wow, if I'd never heard that my whole life? This life as a Christian writer would be SOOOO much easier.

I really hate to hear the Lord's Name in vain. That still gets to me, but yeah, the swearing doesn't determine a person's Christianity to me. I've known a few terrible people who never said a curse word. Anyway, here I am with Matt in 2016. I was supposed to be in San Diego with my bestie from high school seeing Adam Ant in May -- but now that's not going to happen. Will we ever get to concerts again?


I'm still not putting Matt's live stream here because you know, I don't know who grew up Irish/Italian out there. You're probably really nice people. On a happy note, I am on the last scenes of my latest book and this makes me happy. It's taken me longer to write "Room at the Top" than any other book I've written. How y'all doing out there?