#MyBrilliantFriend -- Again
I Finished My Book! -- It Takes a Village!

Are you appreciating it all? #LiveLifeNow


This is a picture of me at my parents' house. My favorite place to be in the summer is in that pool. I have a special floatie that puts my feet and bum in the water, so I can read/tan for a long time. It also has a cup holder. For Starbucks. Or a margarita if I'm really feeling festive.

I can't see my parents because a. I'm in another state and b. my brother is immune-compromised.

And yet, I know at this time, we have to focus on the good things. The world is dark and depressing. The news will suck you under so I've been focusing on my book. Which is done today. It needs a lot of editing, but I hope that it will be done and out so I can be in that pool on July 4th. It's where I belong.

That photo represents everything I don't have. My family, the pool (it's 110 in Phoenix, thank you very much) their dog (she died at Christmas) and espresso without a creepy line and weird rules. I'm so over this virus.

But I'm alive. My family is alive. They're not in a nursing home/hospital where I can't see them even if I was close. The pedicure place is open (so the mani/pedis can be back, thank goodness.) I've had plenty of time to write, but I do have to keep the news turned off because it affects me too much. I can't stand cruelty in the world and it seems like that's all there is right now.

None of these hoarding shenanigans affected me because I'm a hoarder by nature (cleaning products, paper products, makeup, etc.) so that helped me.

What are you appreciating these days?


Thanks to Christina Greenwalt for this great picture!