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#MyBrilliantFriend -- Again

To say I'm obsessed with this show that I randomly started watching on HBO would be an understatement. I love this book and story so much that it is up there with "The Thorn Birds" for me. This week, season 2 wrapped up and I pray that they're filming season 3 -- which is supposed to come out in April of 2021, but who knows with this virus and Italy?

Anyway, the show ended in such an unexpected way that my mouth literally dropped open. I was like, "NOOOOO!" to the television set. Not that I'm above talking to myself while in quarantine. My characters have conversations out loud, what can I say? My dog STILL stares at me like I'm nuts. Who needs a judgmental dog, am I right?"


As soon as the season ended, I went right to Amazon and bought the third book because I need to know what happens next.


The author writes under a pseudonym and there is a great mystery in Italy to find out her true identity. How cool would that be? To have people love your book so much they NEED to know who you are? How do you stay quiet when you're on every bestseller list in the world? It just ups her coolness factor in my book.

Once, I had a literary detective (to find the truth author) as a heroine in a book and my agent told me it was boring and weird. Okay, then. I thought it was kind of cool. I heard the same thing about my physicist hero -- and this was before "Big Bang Theory." Physicists are naturally weird and brilliant. They are perfect for my books. I love a nerdy hero.

I also started watching "Outlander" since the book has rated higher on the PBS list than "Pride and Prejudice" -- "As if," as Cher from "Clueless" might say. (Emma.) Anyway, I have tried to get through the books, but I just drop them. They don't interest me. No offense to Ms. Galbadon, it's clear she does not need my approval. So I watched a bit of the show. It's just not for me. The Scottish hottie doesn't appeal to me at all. I want that hot professor husband of hers. I think you're supposed to like them equally.


I mean, he's in a Fedora!! With swing music playing in the background. How does a dirty castle compare? Maybe it's different in the books so I give you Scot/Outlander fans your due -- I have not read them, but there you have my take. If Frank is a jerk in the books, I get it. I will probably not find out, even the show is too dark for me. And I have Elena Ferrante novels to catch up on at the moment.