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What NOT to post on #NextDoor

I'm beginning to hate this app. People are incredible jerks under the guise of being neighborly. Here are some examples:

1. Someone posts that they left their cars unlocked and it got broken into, so he's warning others to lock their doors.
Inevitably, some helpful soul posts, "I never leave my cars unlocked. That's not smart."
Yes, Einstein. That's why he's reminding you to lock your doors. Learn from his mistake. It's called being neighborly!

2. Someone posts they've had their catalytic converter stolen from their car that was parked in the driveway.
Helpful soul: "I always park my car in the garage. You should too."
Then, the original poster will tell the guy that his truck doesn't fit into the small garage.
To which the helpful soul replies, "Then you shouldn't have it. HOA states..."

3. Someone posts a pick from their doorbell app that shows a perpetrator stealing their packages.
Helpful soul: You shouldn't post someone's picture here publicly. Maybe they were taking the package to the right address.

4. Someone posts a picture of some sketchy dude ringing their doorbell and checking to see if the front door is unlocked.
Helpful soul: He probably just had the wrong address. I don't agree with you posting this.

The truth is, many people aren't neighborly and you can't expect an app to fix that. The wider you cast this net, the more jerks you're bound to pull in and that's what I've found NextDoor does.

I also find the app misogynistic because if a woman asks a DIY question, a man acts like she should know better and essentially calls her stupid. This has happened to me more than once and it really hurts my soul because what happened to chivalry? In my opinion, a man who will be so aggressive to a woman on an app has extreme personality issues. Mostly, it makes me grateful I'm not married to the guy and glad I can go to YouTube before I ever ask another question.

But I think it's an app I don't need in my life. The world is angry enough.