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Mistakes Happen...

One of the mistakes I often make in my books is I confuse character names -- now usually, there were six editors reading it after me -- and still, sometimes, it would get caught at the very last minute -- or not at all.

Yesterday, I watched an old Fred & Ginger movie -- The Barkleys of Broadway. Now if you haven't seen a Fred & Ginger movie, don't watch this one first. You won't get why they're a "thing." But it has the distinction of being their only color movie and the ONE movie where they actually kiss on screen.


Anyway, while watching this movie, there are two heroes. Josh and Jacques. And Ginger actually calls the name out wrong -- Josh when she means Jacques. How many people watched this movie, directed it, edited it and yet still, this mistake appears in the movie some 70+ years later. I know it's no excuse for my own mistakes in editing, but it does make me feel better. And yes, I have typos in my professionally published books as well as my self-published. Because you know...people are human.