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Judge not, that ye be not judged. -- Rant Ahead on Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes

#HouseHunting -- Model home envy.

This weekend, my son and his wife were here and we went through all the model homes in the area looking for a starter home. Here's the thing about model homes. When you come home, your place looks like a dump -- no matter how nice it is. You have stuff on the counters, messy tchotchkes, books in the bookshelves, etc. Your house is lived in! Let me state that I love my house. I walked into it last August for about ten minutes and knew it was mine. I told my friends that it was like that movie, "Miracle on 34th Street" and my grandfather wanted me to have that house. Yes, they gave me the look you're probably all giving me right now. (My grandfather died in 2015 at 100-years-old.)

This house did not have my white kitchen. It had a hickory wood kitchen that I knew I could never paint over because my grandfather's voice would be telling me never to cover good wood. It had the same arches that my grandparents' house had (my grandpa built their house.) And it was in Arizona -- where August temps are typically over 110 degrees -- and I hate the heat. But somehow, I knew this was my house, so imagine my surprise when I found out it was sold already. NOOOOO!!! I went home to California dejected, certain I'd never find another home like it, and upset that I'd misunderstood this wasn't my house. There was no Santa cane in the corner.


Well, the next week the house fell out of escrow and I jumped. But there was another offer and I had to make a decision that day. So after spending ten minutes in this house on my way to Mexico with my friend Colleen and family, I bought a house. Over the phone. In a bidding war.

However, no one had time to redo the flooring when I moved in because it was right before Christmas. So I moved in on someone else's carpet. Which grossed me out, but didn't undo me until I went through the model homes this weekend. Then I knew that it was time to fix the flooring. So that's my goal this week. I'm getting a wood-look tile. And from here on out, I'm letting the kids go househunting on their own so it doesn't cost me too much money.