Judge not, that ye be not judged. -- Rant Ahead on Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes
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Do the Right Thing!

I've been without air conditioning since last Wednesday -- in Phoenix! I waited on an American Home Shield Warranty -- only to find out they would cover a part that might last until the next implosion, but I would still have to pay the $1300 in refrigerant costs, even though the fix wouldn't last and that $1300 would all leak out. Forget what that does to the environment!

I hired my own company. I only wish I hadn't waited a week. But it's got me thinking, why doesn't anyone do the right thing anymore? Why is it so hard to just be who you say you are and show up and do the right thing? Doesn't it make people feel good anymore to do the right thing?

When Steve Jobs made engineering about marketing and stock, Silicon Valley was ruined by greed. IMHO. And it's overtaking our nation. How much do you actually need? I can tell you I know people a lot richer than me, and they're not happy. They're driven. They want to buy the next best thing, but that doesn't make for happiness.

We've made it so there is no more middle class in Silicon Valley, which doesn't actually work. Because rich people can't find nannies or waiters or services because no one can afford to be there to perform them. It just makes me wonder if we haven't been given this virus so we might learn what's important in life. Who cares if you have 3 Birkin bags? You can't go anywhere to show them off. And I only want your Ferrari right now if it comes with good air conditioning.


On a happy note, I did get to spend time with my new grandpuppy in San Diego and she is the best. So much personality and so smart. Ironically, she came from San Jose, near where we used to live. Anyway, I don't have any real answers on this, but I will say I am grateful when people do the right thing. I notice a lot more of it here in Arizona than I did in Silicon Valley and that makes me sad because California has lost its way. And where California goes the rest of the nation follows.


Also on a happy note, my new floors got were put in by an excellent man of his word and they did an incredible job. Tile is so practical for my in/out lifestyle with the dog in the desert. Speaking of my dog, I haven't seen her for a week so I'm really looking forward to getting her back.