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I miss being the stupidest person in the room: Stanford Nobel Prize

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My son was here this week so we watched "Hubie Halloween" which is a new Adam Sandler movie on Netflix. It's a throwback to all of his other movies and I for one, loved it. I am not above stupid humor and Adam was born two days after me so all of his music and references are familiar to me. It was enjoyable -- though I would have loved if Kathy Bates was his mother since there were a lot of references to "The Water Boy."

We also started watching "Cobra Kai" which is the characters of "The Karate Kid" all grown up and with more depth. I love how they've made the villain the hero. Truth be told, I was never a Ralph Macchio fan and I can take or leave "The Karate Kid" as a movie. But I love the story from the villain's point of view. It's more interesting. And he's better looking with age on him.


Anyway, it's back to work this weekend. I had a laptop incident so it's been an expensive week and I'm wishing I wrote faster. I met a songwriter this weekend and it's a truth universally-acknowledged that if you're an artist, the world may not appreciate you as much as if you're a hedge fund manager. That should change. Let's get a new Renaissance going. Fewer hedge fund managers, more art!