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Wedding Dress Shopping -- this is not your Mama's dress...

I'm the sparkly, princess, ballgown sort. Well, not anymore, but when I was young and getting married. My dress was typical '80's glam and I still love it. But now, my baby girl is getting married and wow, times have changed.

(Elle in my dress when she was nine.)

First off, my girl is nothing like me. She's an outdoorswoman who does 14k mountain climbs for fun and her favorite place in the world is Yosemite. She's a hairdresser by training, but a horsewoman by nature. So when she first showed me her wedding dress desires, her future mother-in-law and I gasped at the sight of it and we made her cry.

Honestly, we felt terrible, but it was so unexpected from the sweet Hayley Paige gowns she'd been showing us, we were taken aback. I'm not going to show the gown here in case it's the dress she selects, but she loves this designer and while I see that it's her style, it's very Stevie Nicks and I already survived the 70's. Oh, and she's wearing cowboy boots. I mean, smack my '80's glam in the face, why don't you?


Anyway, we've made an appointment to see the gown of her dreams (similar to this one -- the Adara) by her favorite designer, Rue de Seine. Elle's future mother-in-law is coming and we'll be scoping out venues in Lake Tahoe depending on Covid rules. We've had a lot of great family times in Lake Tahoe and the kids' grandparents both live in the Sierras. So yay! Wedding planning has begun. I hate that I'm so basic and I'm like those moms on "Say Yes to the Dress" who want to see their girls in ballgowns. I don't really. It's not her style. But I will say I'm glad my daughter-in-law is extra and sparkly. SOMEONE gets it.