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Happy Easter & Fred Astaire

Happy Easter all! I hope your day is glorious and you are finally back together with your loved ones after so long of a celebration. My DIL made prime rib and homemade green bean casserole (as in no canned cream of mushrooms or frozen green beans.) As someone who hates to cook, she is speaking my love language. We celebrated with her family yesterday.

Today, I'm organizing and getting down to basics. While staying at my parents' for two months I realized how little I actually need. So I'm being ruthless on my closet and watching Fred Astaire's first major movie. It's from 1933 and I've never heard of it, but my television records anything with Fred Astaire in it because I have an inexplicable crush on this man. Not Clark Gable, who is also in the movie, but Fred.

Anyway, the movie is "The Dancing Lady" and it's quite a little gem of a film. First off, it's got "The Three Stooges" as stagehands and I actually recognized them. It also stars a young and gorgeous Joan Crawford before she screamed about wire hangers. And then, a very dapper Clark Gable. It also has a great dance number at the end and the blonde wig that Joan wears is actually the same wig that Bette Midler wears in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" How is that for a strange coincidence. If you get a chance, I recommend it.


"The Dancing Lady"

On the work front, I'm working on rewriting some older books and getting "The View from Above" available as soon as possible. I'm at the editing stage and really needed my desktop at home. I'll let you know when it's up for preorder. Be sure and sign up for my newsletter at my website: just in case I get kicked off Facebook for any reason. It seems like my friends are dropping like flies, but I just like to share random pics of my kids and memes, so I may be okay. Love to all, I hope 2021 is a vast improvement from 2020 for you all.