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Awkward Author Social Interactions...

My author friend Sibella moved to Arizona recently and we met up to shop for vintage furniture. I told her every time authors get out socially, an angel gets their wings. Let's face it, writers live in their heads most of the time.

So I need to preface this next story with some backstory. Before my dog Fiona crossed the rainbow bridge, she had Cushing's and attacked easily. So she was no longer social and I didn't trust her with new people or dogs other than Oogie. (Because Fiona looked at Oogie like a big oaf who is unworthy of her attention.) During the end days for Fiona, new neighbors moved in across the street. I hadn't gone over there to welcome them because they had a dog and I didn't want Fiona to attack. But when I left the house without my dog, all she did was bark and hearing her stressed me out. So I didn't go in a timely manner, and it only got weirder.

Then, after Fiona did pass on, I couldn't really talk to people without bursting into tears--so I thought, I'll wait on introducing myself until I can be a normal human being. But is that even possible? Everything made me think of the dog because we were inseparable. Example: Today I got the hairdryer out and I never dry my hair. I only used it on Fiona. So I got all weepy drying my hair.

Back to my latest weird awkward author social interaction. Yesterday, my son installed misters on the front porch because Arizona is freaking hot. (He created this quaint little luxury spa on my porch and it is awesome!) But while he was doing this, my new neighbor came out and looked like she needed help with some furniture. So I thought, now I can go meet her without blubbering like an idiot over her dog. Perfect. So I walked across the street and I introduced myself and apologized for not coming sooner because of my dog. We vibed and I thought everything went well until Jonah crossed the street and shook his head.

"Way to be awkward, Mom."
"Hi, I'm Kristin, my dog died."

That is not what I did. I mean, essentially, without the backstory maybe it did sound like that. But I may be more socially inept than previously thought, so there's that. Anyway, my neighbor is lovely. We had a great conversation. I met her husband. And they are sweet Christians so they will forgive my author personality.

This weekend, I have a birthday party (luckily, a fellow author) and Sibella and I are shopping again, so I can work on my social skills. Wish me luck.