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Paul Rudd -- Sexiest Man Alive...

I'm not going to lie, I can get behind this year's sexiest man. Paul Rudd has been quietly entertaining us for years without taking credit for the star that he is. I mean, he's charming, he's funny and he seems pretty humble for a movie star.


Just so you know how low-brow my humor is, my favorite Paul Rudd movie is "Role Models." After growing up and living in Silicon Valley, the larping and Cosplay scenes make me laugh out loud. But it's also a movie with heart. And let's not forget, Paul Rudd played the modern-day Mr. Knightley in "Clueless." I'm not the biggest "Emma" fan, but I love this version. So after a few years in the wilderness, I think People Magazine got it right this year. Don't get me started on Blake Shelton please.


We needed this, I think. Paul Rudd makes us happy. He's basically the Fred Astaire of Covid. While Hollywood is busy making dystopian movies (because we NEED more depressing things in our lives right now?) Paul Rudd is reminding us that all is not lost. We can laugh and find joy in the little moments.