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March 2022

Yes, I'm still here! But a lot of things aren't...

How are we all doing after the pandemic? I hope you're all hanging in there because that was rough. I mean, I know those of us here are happy to be here and all, but dang, how much we took for granted, right?

I want Diet Coke in bottles. Gone.
Chocotacos? Gone.
Gas prices that made me not rethink going to T.J. Maxx
Casual hugs (okay maybe I don't miss that one.)
Buffets (not really that one either.)
Stocked grocery store shelves
Enough employees working in our stores/restaurants. (Tip big for people who work, k gang?)

The thing I really miss though? Casual discussions with random strangers. It just doesn't happen like it used to and I miss it. For one thing, it's hard to understand people with masks on because I ruined my hearing with 1980's music. But in addition, people are a little spooked about casual conversation. I'll admit, I became more socially awkward being locked away, but did everyone?

It might just be because I'm not in California. I'm friendlier there because I'm more myself. (And yes, I will be moving back at some point.) But I'm curious, did your social skills suffer during the lockdown?

My son Jonah had to tell me I couldn't lead into conversations with this beauty, "My dog died..." Yes, I actually did this when meeting a new neighbor. It made more sense in context, but it was still bad.

I think that's why it took me so long to write this last book. I just wasn't myself. Anyway, it's here. The second in the Pacific Avenue Series, which is set in San Francisco. The San Francisco I remember, not the one we know now. I had fun writing this. My cousin's grandfather was a very influential man in San Francisco and I spent part of my childhood seeing how the other half lives. I thought it would be fun to explore in fiction.