"Write to Market!" They said.

That is such great advice. Write for the market and you will sell lots of books. It's such an easy equation. Why can't I just do that? The rules for fiction that sells are so basic in the romance genre.

  • Nice heroines (Ie., not snarky)

  • Handsome, manly heroes (ie., not nerds in venture capital)

  • Romantic settings (not Silicon Valley -- trust me on that one!)

  • Primary focus is on the relationship (this one really gets me, I'm too ADD for that.)

The problem for me is that my favorite romances don't have these elements, so that really screws me up."Pride and Prejudice" has the best hero in the history of heroes, and he's a total jerk. (Until we find out who he really is.) Lizzy is so proud and full of herself that she turns down a proposal that could rescue her family from entailment laws. And is the suburbs in England really that romantic?

What about "Jane Eyre?" Mr. Rochester might just be a sociopath. LOL "Far from the Madding Crowd" -- Bathsheba definitely has narcissistic personality disorder and Gabriel Oak is probably an enabler, but he loves her as Jesus loves us -- when we are not worthy of being loved. Could there be anything more romantic?


My current heroine is a social worker in San Francisco. She dresses badly and couldn't care less. The hero is a would-be lawyer who has secrets and a broken hip. The setting is a gothic mansion in modern-day San Francisco where the heroine lives with the father who abandoned her. This is what my brain is like. It is NOT normal. It cannot do what it's supposed to. I'm feeling frustrated today that I have to finish this story with too many characters and a lot of resolution still to go.

If only I could throw a sword fight in and make my heroine swoon over her handsome rake savior. Alas, I cannot. I just need to finish the book. If you identify with any of this craziness, this post is for you. Not all of us are meant for the masses. Some of us are meant to appeal to a specific palate. Just finish the book. I have to tell myself that after 40 books published. Just finish the book. It's for someone.

#BohemianRhapsody coming to DVD soon! Whose voice gives you chills?

I LOVE Freddie Mercury. Love him! So much so that I was excited to see his stretchy pants in Hollywood, Florida. So much so, I took a picture for no apparent reason.


I was walking this morning and Queen came on -- it was a live version from Wembley Stadium and you know, the man's voice just gives me chills. He was just so amazingly talented. I heard Whitney Houston this morning and thought the same thing. I don't mean to live in the past, but where are the Steve Perry's and Luther Vandross's of today? The Annie Lennox's? Stevie Nicks?

My favorite voices of today are Matt Nathanson and Darius Rucker. Whose voice gives you chills?

Why Kristen Wiig is my Spirit Animal

Kristen Wiig is as warped as me when it comes to humor.  She just cracks me up.  Honestly, it's why I couldn't take her seriously in "The Martian" -- she just didn't fit the role of NASA Spokesperson.  However, I do love her independent films.  They're not for the faint of heart.  They're for people who have been through trauma in life and must laugh about it.  What else can you do?  Her new movie actually looks a little more dysfunctional than I can handle.  But I do love the spoof trailer she's done here.  Do you normals find it funny?  

Our Beloved Diann Hunt...

Diann has gone to be with Jesus. What a battle she put up against the monster that is ovarian cancer. And she didn't do it for herself. She just wasn't that person. She fought hard to be with her children and grandchildren. Always thinking of others.


I'm so glad she's out of pain, but I heard yesterday how some of her family members are inconsolable and that just kills me. Because their loss is so genuine. There are people that you speak kindly of when they've gone -- and there are those who are truly that person. Even through a nearly five year battle with cancer. There are not many people that you can truly say that about and that's why the loss is so great.

A lot of people asked me about my visit. I didn't get to see Di before she left us, but I know that it brought joy to her that I was coming. That's who she was. She made me feel like a million dollars for coming. I'll bet she's having a good laugh that Kristin was a day late and a dollar short.


Her movie, "For Better or Worse" will air on the Hallmark Channel next year on July 12th. Mark your calendars. That's such a great legacy for her, that she will continue to bring joy to the world through her books and now her movie.