Friendship that gets it...

Last night I went out to dinner with my girlfriends. Beth, I've known since I was four years' old. Arleen was my college roommate. We were celebrating Arleen's birthday with a touch of St. Patty's Day, since we're all Irish.

Beth brought out a gift bag for me, and being socially-inept since I'm my real self with her, I see the writing on the bag, "Sur La Table" which is a fancy kitchen store. "It's not for the kitchen, is it?" No thank you. No, wow, a gift. That is what came out of my mouth. Beth, knowing me and that I mean no harm, says, "Just open it and shut up."

So I do, and it's a bunny plate with a strawberry. I love bunnies. I had one all through college and beyond, and we know my fetish with the strawberry. The cool thing is that Beth hadn't even read my ode to the Strawberry blog.
Photo on 2011-03-06 at 13.33

Because I tend to say whatever I'm thinking, I tend to need the special sort of friend who can deal with that. I'm happy to note that I have them, and that we have a great time when out on the town. After watching a terribly depressing movie yesterday afternoon, I needed a few giggles. I also need to revamp my Netflix choices. Sheesh. Happy Sunday!